September 2, 2013

Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Book Sale

RSVP's first book sale event!  Only appropriate with school starting back!  We just had to spread the news about the right way to go to this sale.  The book sale is known for its Saturday sale, however the best kept secret is the VIP party Friday night!  For $25 you get to shop the night before.  That's right no big lines, the first pick of books, and you get to drink while you shop! It's a win-win and all the proceeds go to the Greenville Literacy Association

Every book sale should have a bar greeting you as you walk in! 

Rare collector books sold at great prices only at the VIP party. 

Love this touch this year!

Just picture this times three!! That is how big the sale was!

So much fun to drink while you shop!

Just so you know (for next year) they have a very easy and effective color coded system for their price tag.

Lots of people using lots of different things to tote their books! Here are some of my favorites!

Some people couldn't wait to start reading!

Love this couple's book party chic attire!

Proud of their great buy!

This father and daughter also looked the part for this VIP book party! Love the polka dots! 

For more information regarding next year's sale or how to help the Greenville's Literacy Association go to

August 9, 2013

Friday Favorites

WE had to highlight one of our favorite local bloggers for our Friday Favorite pick today. She is a sweet friend and has helped us a TON along the way! When you meet Caitlin you would never guess she has over 7,500 instagram followers, because she is one of the most humble people we know.  If you don't already follow her blog put it on your TO READ list! Her blog is called Southern Curls & Pearls. Her style is southern and fun!

July 26, 2013

Friday Favorites

We love love LOVE who we interviewed this week for Friday Favorites. She is someone that does a great job helping Greenville "Live Well" from her carrer to her hobbies.

Name: Brady Godfrey

Occupation: Works for LiveWell Greenville

Parties she hosts/hosted: Brady has hosted two Zest Quest galas and is currently planning the Live Well Out of School Time celebration for October!

Top 5 Favorite Things

1. Wellness and eating right made Brady's list of favorite things. Her favorite healthy snack is almond butter and apples.

2. Brady loves going to the beach. Her favorite beach destination is at her family's beach place in North Myrtle Beach. She started going there when she could crawl.

3. Muscle cars? Yes, please. Her dream car would be a 1964 Mustang GT. Oh, and it needs to be red.

4. Running is something Brady can not live without. She loved running in Kiawah Island's Half Marathon and in the Diva Dash Half Marathon in North Myrtle Beach. Brady loves running in her Nike Racing Flats.

5. In Brady's closet you will find lots of things from BCBG and a ton of designer jeans. She just can't get enough!

Brady you are such a motivator to everyone you meet. Thank you for letting us interview you and for all the love you provide to RSVP Greenville.

July 20, 2013

Pink Bee was ''buzzing" this Weekend

The Lilly store in Greenville (Pink Bee) is currently having a huge tent sale. It started Friday morning and runs until Monday! It is closed on Sunday-FYI! It has the buy one get one for $5 concept.

To be the first in line (Friday) you had to arrive at 6:30 am. The doors opened at 8:00am.

If you did not arrive early you had a little bit of a line, but it wasn't anything like the day after Thanksgiving at South Park.

 Also, Greenville's Finest made sure only a safe number of shoppers were in the store. It made our shopping experience very enjoyable!

Everybody was racking up!

Ching! Ching! 

Bravo to the ladies of Pink Bee! Everything was very organized!

Loved these!! Only $99!

If you were not able to make it in this weekend-no worries the last day of the sale is Monday!  Store opens at 10:00 am!

July 19, 2013

Friday Favorites

Did you guess who it was? We tried to give you a little hint via Instagram. Some of you messaged us with the right answer! We are pleased/excited to say that....DANIEL LOCK is who we interviewed this week to tell us his favorite things! I wonder who will be next?

Name: Daniel Lock

Occupation: Sales Manager at the Downtown Marriott in Greenville, SC

Best Party: Bachelors Party in New York! The night started with bar hopping and ended up with the Falafel Brothers food truck. Nothing says PARTY like falafel!

Party's he hosts/hosted: Red Shoe Society's Gala this year and last year, Two Dining with Friends Dinners, and the Village Green Grand Opening. He is busy busy!

Top 5 Favorite Things

1. Daniel's favorite place to visit is London! He grew up going to London with his family every other summer, as a boy. When he visits he loves the energy of the city and how prideful all London locals are of their city. When visiting he says you MUST go to the PICADILLY. "It is soho, chinatown, and old England wrapped into a Burberry scarft!"-love this quote from Daniel

2.  Galleria Lafayette in Paris is his favorite mall.  It houses the "who's who" of designers. From $30,000 shoes to purchasing a learjet, it has it all!  Who is ready to go to Paris? WE ARE!!

3. Kiehl's Products is something Daniel swears by. The Dry Shave Cream and the Facial Fuel are his favorites.

4. Dress shoes without socks is his favorite look. He pulls this off with his favorite pair of Too Boot New York or Allen Edmonds lace ups.

5. Shhh..don't tell! His guilty pleasure is watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Who is his favorite housewife? Lisa Vanderpump! Of course, darling! He likes that she never takes herself too serious and her amazing lifestyle.


Thank you so much for letting us interview you, Daniel! Greenville is so lucky to have you! Let us know when you go to London or Paris! We love to travel. :)

July 17, 2013


Again I am not a food blogger, but wanted to give Chuy's some love! Being from Texas.. I felt it was only fair.

1. Love that is serves late. After getting back late from tailgating this would be a fun place to go this fall!

2. The outdoor patio looks super inviting. It was raining tonight. So, we will have to return!

3. My husband really enjoyed how cool (temperature wise) it is then your traditional Mexican spot. Ladies, bring a sweater. 

4. Food was yummy! Their hand-rolled tortillas made my Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom Enchiladas a true treat.

5. The Randomness of the decor was very entertaining to the eye! 

Yes, those are hubcaps.

Fish greet you over head as your enter.

 Proving my point.

For those that share the "less is more" approach- the back room is for you.

A little flavor as you leave. Thank you, Thank you very much.

Give it ago amigos! Let me know what you think!