February 5, 2012

Camellia Ball

  Yes, this is not Greenville..but we need to be good neighbors to Anderson. This event is hosted by ANMED Health Foundation. This year the money raised goes to ANMED Health's Pedtric Therapy Works. They sold over 500 tickets to this event this year. What an amazing turn out.

                                               Event's Compliments

1. I loved the 360 degree bar. As soon as you entered the venue you were face to face with a huge bar in the shape of a circle. It was genius. The bar was rented by professional party rental.

2. Great drink option of mixed coffee and liquor drinks. Creative approach to a winter signature drink.

 close up please

3. The co-chairs for the event were randomly selected for the best style awards. Seriously, I did not anyone at this event and went up to compliment them. Click here to take a peek.

4. The event's party take away was an amazing print of a Camellia. Each year a different artist is selected do a different design.

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