February 27, 2012

                 Compliments for JLG's Oscar Night

1. Love the entrance filled with balloons. Such an creative wow factor as you entered the event.

2. What a fun idea for having a fondue station. You name it-you can dip it. A different spin on a fruit and veggie tray. Who doesn't love fruit and cheese.

3. Ice Ice Baby! Ever seen a hanging Ice Sculpture? Loved how it was in the middle of the event. Great for pictures and to make others jaw drop.

4. The event's committee did a great job of using the "OSCAR" statue throughout the event. Our top three favorites were:

                                          Floating Oscars

Glowing Oscars

                                                               Hanging Oscars

                                   Our FAVORITE Oscar

 5. Great job on the efforts of the JLG for obtaining silent and live auction pieces. Usually you will see gift certificates to every place under the sun and your standard golf package. No no no-not at this silent and live auction. The packages ranged from an Audrey Hepburn print to trip to Africa. We loved how the silent auction tables had their own separate room. Really helped with the flow of the event.

 Silent Auction Painting donated by Jennie Jean Art.

6. Forget who won the OSCAR.. lets talk about who won best dressed at the event. Check out our BEST STYLE page for our style compliments. We loved how Sassy gave out fashion awards for Best Dressed.

7. The support for RSVP Greenville. Clement you are the best for sporting our new business cards!

Clement Davis wearing RSVP Greenville.

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