February 12, 2012

No events to cheers to this week from RSVP Greenville. Had a private party to attend on the night of Fashion with a Passion. I heard it was an fabulous event and saw some amazing photos. Looking forward to complimenting it next year.

I can not miss a chance to compliment so I want to send compliments to things you need to LOVE. Just to get you in the Valentine Day spirit.


Click and hear what my alter ego would walk to on the cat walk.

Pushing the envelople and looking great while you do it.

                              Thank you is all my hair has to say. It is worth every penny.

                                          Poka Dots. Not everyone can pull them off.

You Don't Know Jacque by OPI. Funky and looks sharp.

Gingham on everything-from shirts to chairs it all screams classic.

                                     Oops-my guilty pleasure. Gossip Girl..Chuck Bass favorite.

                                                  In a champagne glass is the only way.

Greenville Loves

Visited for the first time this weekened-speechless.

                                                   Yes please--everyday.   

                              Is it possible to swim in peanut butter cake?

                                                                  We are lucky.

                                                Try it and you will be hooked.



Compliment your favorites by commenting below.

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