February 19, 2012

 RSVP Greenville is having trouble sleeping this week. We are so excited for the huge event next week. :) Junior League's Oscar Night!  Click on the link below to get your tickets.

Just bought my dress yesterday. Look for me in colored lace and my new favorite accessory...my new business cards!

 Event this Past Week:

                      ERIC CHURCH CONCERT

 We were thrilled to attend Eric Church's concert at the Bi-Lo center. We got the call about the free tickets an hour before the concert. We put our cowboy boots on and were out the door.

1. My husband loved the idea of the 24 oz beers. That way you didn't have to have keep getting up during the concert.

Now, this not the typical event we cover--so please reach in a grab your inner red neck.

2. The band before Eric Church was really good. Brantey Gilbert is the name. You might have heard Jason Aldean sing one of their songs. Brantley Gilbert wrote "Dirt Road Anthem." Click on the picture of Brantley Gilbert to hear his version and then click  on Jason Aldean to her his cut of the song. Which one do you like better?

3. Eric Church drinking some Jack Daniels on stage. It goes with the inner cowboy thing I think. Jack is a classic. You can tell about a man by the type of whiskey he drinks.

4. After leaving the show I really wanted to dress a little more country chic...this is kind of what I was thinking..

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