March 25, 2012

Greenville gets a taste of Beaufort! This week I will be complimenting Breakwater restuarant's Opening Party. This restaurant is going to be the new "hot spot" for happy hours and exciting dinner parties.

1. Loved the red carpet enterance. It tied in with the restuarant's color scheme and gave the event a fancy feel.

2. Instead of your typical Sirius resturant radio station playing in the background, they decided to bring you the music. When you walked in there was a live brass band playing. Breakwater stops at nothing for your applause.

3.Cheers to breakwater's inviting bar scence. It is unique by  being seperated from the resturant. Breakwater indulged their guests in an open bar and a surprise signature shot. These lemon flavored shots added a special touch to the events drink selection.

                                          A glimpse at your future happy hour spot.  

Event's Signature Lemon Shot.

4.The event space itself needs to be complimented. The Breakwater Restuarant is so unique. Pictures can only truly get my point across.

Love the pattern that was choosen for the seating in the restuarant. Sharp but chic.

          I live for details. The ceiling of the resturant was historic and painted one of my favorite colors. Is that You Don't Know OPI? Just Kidding. Fabulous detail.

Wine Room anyone? Breakwater has a special private dining room for its guests. I am already thinking of the dinner parties I want to host here. The wine from the floor to the celing really makes this room a luxury to its guests.

5. Cheers to the owners of  Breakwater for bringing us a small taste of southern heaven.

6. Amanda Arscott and her team from Crawford Strategies did a great job planning this event. Everything was fabulous.

Crawford Strategy* Take a peek at who had the Best Style at the event.

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