May 7, 2012

Altitude Party Compliments

This event was truly unique for Greenville. It was inside one of the private hangers at the GSP airport. It had fast cars and faster planes as it's decors focus. The night celebrated all of the locally businesses to be on the look at for. This event was my favorite event of the year. After reading the compliments you will see why.

1. When you walked into the hanger you were transported into an experience instead of an event. The huge plane angled was the perfect touch to forget all your troubles.

         You could go in this plane and the luxurious Tempus Jet. It gave you a glimpse to how the high rollers fly.
             It also made for a truly unique photo opportunity for the party goers.

2. You were greeted with a passport. The passport was your "game board" for the evening. The mission was to find the model that had stickers for that specific page. Each sponsor of the event had a page. Towards the end of the night each sponsor named was called and if your sticker had the number they called out you won the a sponsor donated prize.

3. Towards the end of the event the Carolina Ballet Theatre came down the plane's stairs to put on a beautiful performance. I love a good wow factor!!

4. TOWN magazine always makes sure to dot the i when it comes to caring out the theme. These waitress outfits are so cute.

5. Do not forgot the fabulous Krystal Burgers that we are crowd favorite.

6. Loved the extra effort TOWN did on the coffee tables. Picture perfect.

7. Please make sure to check out the BEST STYLE recipients from this event.

8. The take aways from this event can not be beat. Some tasty cake pops and a Look Book. The Look had gorgeous ads for the sponsors for the event. Very clever.

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