September 29, 2012

TALK Magazine's 25 Most Beautiful Event

We loved being at the TALK Magazine's 25 Most Beautiful Event!


1.We love the event space there choose for their event. Zen is such a unique space to Greenville.

2. TALK sure knows how to bring a crowd. Great mix of people. Plus TALK's fashionista/event planner always through a great party! 

 3. Love that they displayed the food on an old frames. So different, but yet functional.

 4. Who doesn't love a great fruit display. From tray to tree. Great focal point for the room.

 5. Loved how TALK choose someone in their teens for one of the most beautiful recipients.

 6. Now, let's talk FASHION. This event has some trends, great shoes, and fall styles. You can tell that the seasons are changing. However, that doesn't keep Greenville locals from doing what the do best, dressing up.

 Dresses from Monkee's of the West End and Pink Bee are always a hit at any event this Fall.
You know RSVP loves a good chevron print!

Champagne romper looked fancy and comfortable.

Great earring find from MUSE.

       The longer the better. Beautiful waves are a hair trend that will not be going away anytime soon.

Fall is here. Layer up. Funky layers and mixed materials add a fresh look to Greenville's fashion scene.

MEN brought their A GAME..

                                             From the shoes.. to the vibrant colored shirts.

Love purple for the fall. Ralph Lauren knows how to make some shoes.

Great look for a great person!

                                                             Love this lime green tie.


Booties look great with long pants. Love how they are tucked in for a more sleek statement.
Bump the statement necklace, here are some statement shoes.

                             Do not forget leather options for fall. Classics never go out of style.

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