February 14, 2013

Junior League's Big Night Out

First I want to tell Heather Cox, Christine DiNicola, and their planning committee what a wonderful job they did with this event! Bravo ladies.


1. Thank you for making this event on a Saturday night. I heard several party go-ers saying how grateful they were they did not have to go to work like previous years. THANK YOU!

2. All of the event decorations went so well with the Cirque du Soleil theme. Great pick on using CB Events to help with the decorations. From the big top in the main ballroom to the big balloons decorating the ceiling as you left, the hosts went all out.

2. Loved the "Secret Garden" that was totally covered with a sea of green. It was a fun place to go grab dessert or snap a pic in the photo booth. The flowers hanging from the ceiling were a fun touch.

 3. It would not be a party without some entertainment. Solo performers wandered through the event. One minute you could be looking at someone hula hooping the next minute you were standing beside a huge walking tree. You never knew what you were going to see walking through the event. As well as the solo performers the band Men of Distinction  served as great entertainment for those dancers in the crowd!

4. The silent auction for this event was huge. The Junior League was very smart on which silent auction items they selected for the evening. They thought about who would be at this event and what they might be interested in. For example, I was very interested in....

5. Their live auction had some amazing items for guests to bid on. However, my favorite thing about the live auction was the "fund a need" portion. Guests were able to support the Ronald McDonald House through raising their biding number for buying a night or a week for an in need family at the Ronald McDonald House. I am so grateful they choose such an amazing and local charity.

6. If you were a "VIP" you were submerged into a"Winter Wonderland" themed lounge area. The bar was drapped in crystals and trees were in every corner to give that winter feel. I loved how their made this country club room feel more like a chic lounge.

7. Didn't get your hair the way you wanted it before you left the house? No worries, Studio 7 was there to give you the final touches on hair and make up.

8. The filming of a Cirque du Soleil performance was being played above the bar in the main ballroom. What a creative way to use wall space.

9. This is not your average "circus" but they still had the ONE thing everyone wants when they go to the circus...POPCORN!

10. So many great looking people at this event. Where do I start? Take a peek at our who had the best style at this event.

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