February 3, 2013

Meals on Wheels Sweetheart Ball


 The Meals on Wheels Sweetheart Ball was Saturday night at the Hyatt Hotel downtown Greenville.

 My husband and I attended this event two years ago and it is so exciting how much this event has grown. Meals on Wheels provides meals to homebound indiviuals in our community.

Please click here for additional information on ways to help support Meals on Wheels.

Event Compliments

1. Loved the venue for the event. It was a treat seeing the new and improved Hyatt lobby when entering the event. The light feature was the true focal point and a great first impression for this event.

2. This was not your typically silent auction. No bid numbers here. The great people at Bowtie Benefits organized this paperless silent auction. Your cell phone number served as your silent auction number. You went to a web site where you can view all silent auction packages and their current price and then bid. Looking forward to other events using this approach to slient auction bidding.

3. Fantasic slient auction items ranging from a puppy to a kayak. I hope the silent auction committee can hear me clapping! Bravo!


4. I always enjoy complimenting the party go-ers at the event. Go to the Best Style tab to see who was the Best Dressed at the event!

1 comment:

  1. What an amazing organization, Meals on Wheels, and beautiful well-organized event. As a volunteer of Meals on Wheels this was one of the most enjoyable annual events I've attended. Great cause, location, food and company. Thank you to PropelHR (my employer) for supporting this cause. We had a wonderful evening and encourage all to support financially and as a volunteer.