March 25, 2013

Chocolate Soiree

 Chocolate, chocolate and more CHOCOLATE was seen at The Children Museum's 13th annual Chocolate Soiree. It makes me hungry just thinking about it. Over 400 people attended and were able to have a "sweet" time enjoying local chefs best chocolate creations while supporting a great cause.


1.  It was such a treat walking around the room nibbling on different chocolate dishes. Each Chef had a creative way for displaying their dish. Get ready to grab a hankie you are about to do some serious drooling.

Chef Wolf from the Westin Poinsett served chocolate covered cherries, ginger chocolate bars, and apple wood smoked bacon dipped in chocolate.

  Fun presentation of the apple wood smoked bacon dipped in chocolate.

Chef Peter Collins from Chef 360 catering and Blues Boulevard served an Oreo Frangelica Blueberry Stuffed Chocolate Truffle

Chef Joe Trull from Grits and Groceries scooped a chocolate blackberry orange crisp

 Just in case you wanted a closer look. Drooling yet?

Chef Gretchen Grounsell from Gretchen's ABS Cakes in her amazing goodness.

    Chef Glenn Sawicki from Saffron's Westend Cafe presented a brown butter cake with dark cherries served with plum and white chocolate mouse in a dark chocolate tart shell.

Chef Stacie Amesbury wow-ed the crowd with all the different chocolates from around the world. Love the maps underneath the bowls of chocolate...detailed perfection.

            Loved the easy to grab dark chocolate panna cotta with fresh raspberries and raspberry coulis with a chocolate granish. FANCY, real fancy.

2. Party go-ers got to vote on their favorite chocolate creation by giving chocolate kisses to "love on" their favorite local chef.


      The chefs displayed the party go-ers "love" for their dishes by placing their kisses in this large vases.
3. Party go-ers also got to sip S'MORE
 Marshmallow Creme Martinis. Yes-that martini's rim is dipped in chocolate and then let's not forgot the crumbled up graham crackers crumbs on the rim. Talk about wanting to double fist those bad boys.

4. The hosts of this event really thought "outside the box" with one of the fundraisers during the event. Behind the auctioneer guest saw a wall of wrapped boxes. All boxes were the same size and wrapped exactly the same. Guest paid $100 to open one of these boxes.
Prizes inside the boxes ranged from paintings to a wheel barrow of wine.

  At the end of the night each guest picked a box to open.

 What a creative way for people to give back!

Man o man we wish we would of rolled out with that!
5. Now most events live auctions have some fancy trip or golf package, not at the Chocolate Soiree. Party go-ers bid on custom benches that will be in the museum for a year then, the bidder can take it home. LOVE love this idea. Drum roll please..
 RSVP Greenville's personal favorite.
6. This was the first year hosts asked for their guests to wear a specific color. The color was picked from one of the six colors used in their logo. Each year will be a different color. This year PURPLE was everywhere. From the lighting, to even purple potatoes!

Just in case you want to try and figure out what color could be picked next year. Check out the logo.
Love the purple string less balloons in the bar area.
Fun and different-if only RSVP Greenville could think like that.
              Purple potatoes, seriously job well done ladies. This detail takes the cake.
                     Loved the purple up lighting throughout
 the main ballroom. It might not be purple, but I love a good 360 degree bar in the middle of the room. No lines always a good sign at a party!
                            City Council Member Amy Ryberg Doyle went all out with her purple hair! Her husband Jonathan looked great too!
                         Love this purple Joie shirt on Katie Howell. Chic very chic.
The planners of this great event are purplicious for sure.
Tracey Easterling in Ralph Lauren, Addy Metney in Adrienne Papell, and Tammy Phillips in Vince Camato. Ladies, love all the fresh new ideas you brought to this event. It is going to be hard to top this next year.
Had to get a group picture of all these ladies in their purple.
Love Katie Gallivan's dress from Neiman's.
 Roger Kay looked fantastic in his Ralph Lauren hat.
 Doug Evans one of the Children's Museum's founding board members has a handsome Ralph Lauren bowtie on.
 Carol Scott founding and past President and CEO of the Children's museum looks divine in her purple Giorgio Armani dress. Now, the shoes just need to have a picture all to themselves.
 Kate Spade I can always find you in a crowd missy.
7. Now some of our party go-ers we not in purple, but they still looked GREAT. Go to our BEST STYLE section for a glimpse.

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