March 6, 2013

Red Shoe Society Kick Off Party

  RSVP Greenville enjoyed complimenting The Red Shoe Society's Kick Off Event. The Red Shoe Society is a group of young professionals that support the Ronald McDonald House. 


1. I mean look at all these great/fantastic young professionals..

Crawford Strategy had a great showing of employees at this event.

As well as Hospitality America with Daniel Lock and Shelby Dodgens doing their thing!

 Now, if I could just look as stunning as Kelly Ranson and Holly Hamby do after work. Can I get an AMEN!?

2. RSVP Greenville loves a good theme. Guess what you see at all of the Red Shoe Society's events? RED SHOES!! Here are a few great examples.

 These may night be red, but those yellow laces really make me think of Ronald's McDonald's famous shoes.

Who said they had to be on people's feet? Red Shoe members also wear these trademarked red shoe pins at their events.

3. Loved how there was a sign up sheet for the party go-ers to help volunteer for upcoming Ronald McDonald House events. Way to get people involved.

 4. After work, everyone wants two things a drink and some food. Drinks check. Food check. No cheese and crackers here. Shane from Good Life Catering brought his A GAME.  

 5. THANK YOU to this sharp looking group! You made sure this Kick Off event was a success. Megan, Shelby, Daniel, and Cameron your love for the Ronald McDonald House was shown tonight. 

6. They didn't have to have flowers. However, they wanted to step it up a notch. 

 7. Loved Ronald McDonald being there and a child that was helped by the Ronald McDonald House. It reminded everybody of the big picture.

 For information about joining the Red Shoe Society please go to

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