April 14, 2013

Charleston Fashion Week

My friend asked, "What are some of your goals for RSVP Greenville?"  I replied, to be Greenville's premier event recap blogger and to blog for a publication at Charleston Fashion Week. One of those goals was achieved by obtaining a media pass for Charleston Fashion Week. BOOM! I went in true blogger's fashion. Notebook, check. Camera, check. Favorite lip gloss, check. I spent three nights transformed into a setting where people didn't dress in southern prints and cheeky brands, but a place where creativity was the brand and your attire either had it or it didn't. Applause was given to those who took a chance and their confidence shined through.

Didn't feel like traveling to Charleston, but want to enjoy Charleston 's Fashion Week? Grab some champagne and sit back and enjoy the show. Just so everyone can grasp the flow of each night, here is a timeline for each night's event:
  • Guests mingle in the style lounge (6:00pm-7:00pm)
  • Show starts (7:00pm)
    • Local retailer fashion show
    • Emerging Designers Semifinalists compete (2 designers show their lines)
    • Break for guests to go get another cocktail (liked that idea..)
    • Emerging Designers Semifinalist (3 designers show their line)
    • Featured Designer's show
    • Announce People's Choice and Finalist that will compete in Show's Finale
    • THE END
DAY 1 Compliments

 Step into the Style Lounge..

1. Talk about one great pre party! Party go-ers we able to sip on cocktails and mingle in the Style Lounge before the fashion show.

2. DJ Y NOT was on the turn tables. Providing a hip vibe to the style lounge.
3. Two full bars were in the style lounge. Loved the Honey Jack Daniels Bourbon. YUM!

4. Every guest felt like a celebrity by entering the event on the red carpet. Make sure to strike that pose!

5. Did someone say lip gloss? Party go-ers also were able to go get a little touch up before the Fashion Show. 
6. Loved how party go-ers were able to go to different retailers throughout the style lounge. Always a plus to give party go-ers something to do besides your mix and mingle.

7. Decor Decor - love the sparkly walls that made the middle of the style lounge more club chic. Talk about some bling bling.

Also, our decor compliments do not stop there - the event's light fixtures added some more bling to the party.

The tables in the middle of the style lounge also resembled a runway! Clear off those candles and bring on the models!

8. Want some Charleston Fashion Week Swag? From tee shirts to fashionable totes they thought of everything!

Lots of options!

9. Belk was a huge sponsor of this event. We loved how you could drink and shop before the event in the Belk tent!


10. These branded chocolates were the perfect give away to party go-ers!

I might of had two or three..
11. For our party go-ers compliments for BEST STYLE we focused on Men's Fashion tonight. This was the FIRST time Charleston Fashion Week had lingerie in their fashion show line up, so maybe that's why their were so many fashionable guys!

We loved Chelsie Andrew Ravenell's leather vest.

Loved that shirt choice with his suit jacket. Dare to be different.
Loved South Carolina's former Lieutenant Governor; Andre Bauer's pocket square and shirt combination.

Love his choice of deep v-tee with this neutral sweater.

When you got it flaunt it.

This print made us ready for a party!

Always LOVE a man in polka dots!

BRAVO our Favorite look was emerging designer; Afriyie Poku's look tonight.
Lots of tailored suits tonight!
Loved this party go-ers glasses! Funky, but current.

Love these classic looks.
12. Now, let the show begin..
Here is a sneak peek before everyone took their seats.
13. Loved the spicy start to the Charleston Fashion Week. Great job to Bits of Lace, Bob Ellis Shoes, and Croghan's Jewel Box.

Loved how the show had a mix of lace, satin, and swimwear!
14. After the Bits of Lace show the Emerging Designer Semifinalists showed their lines. We will show you a few of favorites from each emerging designer.
First up is emerging designer Sabrina Spanta. Sabrina is from Savannah, Georgia and her work is influenced by architecture. Her show tonight focused on more geometric fashions.  To read more about Sabrina's line go to ssspant4.wix.com/sanowber. We loved this piece because it was daring.

Second is emerging designer Victoria Cid. She is from Charlotte, North Carolina. We loved her use of different materials. By her use of layers it made her pieces ready to wear. To see more of her designs go to victoriacid.carbonmade.com.

Now, that is a sock bun. By having her models hair up, we were able to focus our attention on her line.
 The third emerging designer was Jazsalyn McNeil. She is from Raleigh, NC. She designs for both men and women. Her collection "represents a spiritual universe and uses iridescent crystal amethyst motifs to bring to life her dreams of foreign angelic creatures". She definitely thinks outside the box.


The fourth emerging designer was Callie Nichol. Callie is from Social Circle, Georgia. Her designs have a quiet and bold flair. Want to see more? Go to www.deartaco.tumblr.com.


The last emerging designer for the night was Katherine Barron. She was RSVP Greenville's personal favorite.  Her line's inspiration was the magnolia blossom. She brings each piece to life with remarkable hand paintings on her pieces. We loved the classic and well made feeling of each piece.

Love the hot pink shoe choice! It really popped.
14. Guest were able to vote by texting for their favorite. Loved being able to be apart of the judging experience.
15. After the Emerging Designers competed there was a show from a chosen featured designer. This year's featured designer was Hannah Goff. She was the 2012 Emerging Designer: East Winner.

Loved her choice of mixing prints. Those double decker converse made her line look fun and ready to wear.

16. At the end of Hannah Goff's show, the Winners for  People's Choice and the semi-finalist for Saturday night were announced. The winner of people's choice was Callie Nichol and the semi-finalist was our favorite Katherine Barron.

17. For a quick summary of all the shows from Tuesdays go to Ayoka Lucas' vlog (yes I said vlog..vlog=video blog)

18. Thank you to Carolina Nightlife Photographer; Mitch Scobie for your help with our photo taking skills.

Stay turned DAY 2 will be posted this week.

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  1. LOVED this post! Even though I didn't attend Charleston Fashion Week, I feel like I was right there for all the action. Thanks or giving us all the deets and I can't wait for Day 2!!