May 15, 2013

Project Pet Runway

The Greenville Humane Society's Pet Project Runway event is a MUST for you animal lovers out there! Greenville celebrities take the runway with their pets for a good cause.
Event Compliments
1. We loved how each Greenville celebrity was introduced! Such a fun way to start this "dog gone" good time.

Judges Tim McKinney and Mary Hipp

Erin Johnston and Callie


Guess how Dana Spinks and Maddie arrived in style?

Love this entrance! Whoop Whoop!

2.Our party go-ers unleashed some fantastic outfits! 
Love these spring Maxi dresses on Kate Weigman and Lisa DeBrew

Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. McKissick

Melissa Pitts, Hailey Crocker, Susan El-Ibiary, Jennifer Snow, Frankie Raddish, and Aimee Hodge, and Sarah Dereng all looked ready to walk the runway!
Jennifer Ford in Milly and Stephanie Stephenson in J Crew
Had to get a close up of these great shoes. Good call Jennifer!
Jeff Hoffman and Alex Clayton

Love this neon on Marie Dunn-Blough and TIBI dress on Hope McAlister.
 Drew Harkins doing a little J Crew and Courtney Reeves in a Maxi by Fabrik.
Yes, lady and gentlemen those are vintage blue Allen Edmonds. Drooling over here. Tim McKinney you have one great eye!
3. Now on to the contestants. Which one is your favorite?

 Erin Johnston this is so stinking cute! Callie is precious!

Meghan Ludwig & Duncan are such a "sweet treat" for all party go-ers!

Duncan's fan club.

Bump the diamonds, Caroline Schroer's two best friends are Huckleberry and Hodie

Robert Tiffin and Cuda
(Cuda's lineage is registered to the Canadian Kennel Club)

Oh my,what big teeth you have!
 Diana Watson and Mia
Mike and Susan Riordan with their superhero, Belle.

 Jay Spivey and Gruffyn-yes I agree that is such a fantastic dog name!

Joe Frasher and Gabby took flight!

Josh Moore-Vingia and Oliver were a spot on with their Downtown Abby attire
Rita Stone and Ella were a touchdown in our book!
 Kathryn McKissick, Spot, and Sweetheart definitely stole a lot of hearts that night!
 Woof, Woof, Bark, Bark these doggies did a marvelous job!

Our winners are...
* Megan Ludwig and Duncan who won "Best of Show"
*Kathryn McKissick, Spot, and Sweetheart were awarded "The Biggest Fundraisers" with raising over $16,000 for the Greenville Humane Society!

4. The event decor really transformed this hangar into an upscale charity event!  
Love the lighting and the big green balloons!

These planes and great McKinney Dodge vehicles were great backgrounds for RSVP photo ops!
The burlap table cloths and green chevron table runners were details that we loved!

The host of the event did a great job engaging their guests by giving them a chance to vote for their favorite contestant throughout the event while at the same time raising money! Smart.
5. We want to let Erika Powell, the emcee of the event know she did a great job! We also love your dress choice! Two paws up!
6. Our last compliment goes to Chelsey Ashford with Chelsey Ashford Photography. Thanks for throwing RSVP Greenville a "bone" and taking photos with us tonight. You always do such an amazing job! Please check out her website at If you would like to purchase any of these photos go to the smugmug tab on her site. THANK YOU CHELSEY!

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