June 9, 2013

State of Fashion

RSVP Greenville attended the first year of the American Lung Association's State of Fashion. The event was help at the Hilton and had a lot of local fashion on scene.

 Event Compliments

1. Loved being greeted by a beautiful car. What a great way to set the stage of the event. The whole time I kept thinking..how did they get that car in there..?

2. Enjoyed being introduced to different local retailers. The hosts made sure every designer at the event was from South Carolina. Great idea! Here is a peek at just a few of the designers that were there.

3. Loved how the hosts chose a local distillery for the signature cocktail.

4. The cookies were also made by a local baker. the cookie kiln always does a fantastic job!!! I heard lots of guests raving about them.

5. Loved the fashion show element to this event. Fun for all party go-ers to enjoy the show with a cocktail in hand!

6. Lot of style was also seen off the runway, by all the party go-ers. Here are a few of our favorite!

 Lauren Biediger looked great in Anthropologie.

Nora Collogan looks great in a long sleeve romper she saw on RSVP Greenville from Labels and Stephanie Chance is wearing one of our favorite patterns, CHEVRON!

Erica Kelly wearing a dress from Stitch Fix and Lindsay Powers wearing Rebecca Taylor.

Amanda Neenan brought an edge to this event.
Jeff Hoffman in a J Crew shirt and some True Religion jeans.

Jennifer Lance in Vestique
Lindsay Powers precious shoes from J.Crew.

Lauren Cabaniss and Brook Sill looked ready for this fashion forward event!

Myra Ruiz looked great in her Vince Camuto dress.

Bill looked great in a pair of his own Billiam Jeans and loved his Vitaly Ring and Necklace. 

Alex Clayton's Wyoming Whiskey belt buckle was a favorite of ours at this event.

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