June 18, 2013

WAC Avenue

Today, I had the luxury to have a drink and talk "blog" with Will Crooks a blogger for WAC avenue. He is a fantastic street style blogger. He loves the romance of people dressing for just the everyday. His passion is shown on his blog (www.wacavenue.blogspot.com). By looking at his pictures one would never guess that he is a rock climbing, ice cream eating, Furman accounting student. His dream job would be to be a street style photographer all over the world. I loved all the advice he gave me a look forward to reading his blog everyday! That is right he blogs everyday. :)

After our cocktails I was able to see him in action!

Will Shurtz got our street style approval! Love that briefcase.

I wanted to do one on my on...just to see if I could use what Will Crooks taught be over drinks. Found Bryce Hales in his great rolled up white jeans paired with a great pair of tan lace ups. He was my pick. 

Loved meeting another blogger! Thanks Will for meeting me and giving me such great advice!

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