July 12, 2013

Fridays Top Fives

Every Friday we are going to feature a party go-ers Top Five favorite things! Just a fun way to spread the word about things that bring other people joy! So,
WE are going to do the first Friday Favorites- just to get the ball rolling! To set a good example, you know.

Name: RSVP Greenville
Favorite Local Party: It so hard to say we LOVE them all, but Altitude always hits it out of the park!

Top 5 Favorite things:
1. Sequins! We love sequins. They add that certain oh la la to your outfit or event! Some might say it is too gaudy, but we cannot get enough.

2. Cocktails at Breakwater. They make the best Dark and Stormy. Love talking blog there.

3. The Greenville Runway aka McDaniel Avenue! The place to be seen, walking of course.

4. Good quotes. We could spend hours searching for the quote of the week.

5.  Our readers! I know it  might sound cheesy, but we went from 15 to 250 views per post. Speechless..which is hard for us. :) Thank you for your love.


I wonder who will be featured next for our Friday favorites post??? Check next Monday to see.

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