September 2, 2013

Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Book Sale

RSVP's first book sale event!  Only appropriate with school starting back!  We just had to spread the news about the right way to go to this sale.  The book sale is known for its Saturday sale, however the best kept secret is the VIP party Friday night!  For $25 you get to shop the night before.  That's right no big lines, the first pick of books, and you get to drink while you shop! It's a win-win and all the proceeds go to the Greenville Literacy Association

Every book sale should have a bar greeting you as you walk in! 

Rare collector books sold at great prices only at the VIP party. 

Love this touch this year!

Just picture this times three!! That is how big the sale was!

So much fun to drink while you shop!

Just so you know (for next year) they have a very easy and effective color coded system for their price tag.

Lots of people using lots of different things to tote their books! Here are some of my favorites!

Some people couldn't wait to start reading!

Love this couple's book party chic attire!

Proud of their great buy!

This father and daughter also looked the part for this VIP book party! Love the polka dots! 

For more information regarding next year's sale or how to help the Greenville's Literacy Association go to

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